Certificate for Admission

When the student starts applying to universities for admission, they have to send the financial responsibility certificate from the parents. Most of the universities require this financial certificate at the time of sending the application materials while some other universities need this certificate at the time of issuing the admission letter.

How to go about it ? very easy !!!! Ask your parents to approach us. We will guide them how to open a bank account with our Bank and account opening procedures are given below.

1. Account should be opened in the name of parents.
2. ID and Residential Address Proof: Aadhar Card. (Original and Photocopy)
3. PAN CARD – Mandatory (Original and Photocopy)
4. Recently taken passport size photograph 2 numbers for each and student photo 1 number.
5. Initial deposit to the Bank is Rupees 5,000/(Each).
6. Banking hour is from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Account can be opened only during the banking hours. (Bank will not be opened 2nd & 4th Saturdays)
7. If the parties don’t have any one of these documents, they cannot open the account at any cost. So please ensure if the customer is coming out of Chennai.

The second stage is Visa. After the student gets I-20, the student should go for interview, with six months bank statement.  The visa Officer randomly may verify the bank as to whether the student really has the money in his account on the Interview date.